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Our Mission

This project was created to promote the beauty of the Belarusian language and symbolism and to bring awareness to the tyranny and violation of human rights that are happening under the current dictatorship regime of Lukashenko.
Profits go to help victims of political repression.

"People Deserve the Freedom of Expression"

-Hanna, Founder of MAYA MOVA

Hanna is a Belarusian – born designer living in North California since 2010. She began her career as graphic artist and currently works full time as a user expirience designer in FinTech space. When in 2020 Europe’s longest-serving autocrat Alexander Lukashenko, often described as Europe’s “last dictator” declared victory in a rigged election and “won” his sixth consecutive term with over 80% of the votes – violent goverement assaults against peaceful protestants led to 3,000 arrests in Minsk and other cities. Police fired tear gas, rubber bullets, and stun grenades to disperse protestors. Further nights of violence saw another 3,700 arrests throughout the country. Lukashenko’s loyal special forces were beating people without mercy, treating with extreme brutality, torturing and raping, and holding people as a cattle in the overcrowded cells. Unable to stay indifferent to this tyranny Hanna was searching for a way to help her home country and to bring international awareness to what’s happening in Belarus. This is how project Maya Mova was born. Using her tool of the trade – design, Hanna creates artwork that is inspired by Belarussian culture and symbols of freedom and turns it into apparel. Apparel designed with a purpose. Apparel that speaks freedom – Maya Mova.

Belarus Cries for Help

Other Ways To Help Belarusians

Donate Directly To The Belarus Solidarity Foundation

The foundation is launched to support belarusians, who lost their jobs because of political repressions. It also aims to support ones, who decided to leave their state service due to political opinion. The Fund joins the following requirements:

1. Freedom to all political prisoners and all detained and arrested for political reasons. Their full rehabilitation.

2. Dismissal of the former President A. Lukashenko and transition of power to the new legitimate President S. Tikhanovskaya. Legal assessment of the actions of those who participated in repressions and forgery of the elections.

3. Suspension from service of all law enforcement agencies’ employees who will be under investigation.

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